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Can the perfect attributes create the perfect girlfriend or, in this case, girlfriends? The Answers, by Catherine Lacey, will sweep you up in an interesting social and biotech experiment about building and maintaining the perfect romantic relationship.

The Trick, a deeply moving historical novel by Emanuel Bergmann, is about a young boy who believes in magic and a disillusioned old man who believes in nothing. The debut is told in alternate storylines with an entertaining, humorous dynamic occurring between a curmudgeon and precocious ten-year old.

The No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency is back with The House of Unexpected Sisters. In Alexander McCall Smith's most recent installment to this entertaining series, Precious Ramotswe learns valuable lessons about first impressions and forgiveness.

Find unexpected happiness when food, technology, and science come crashing together in Robin Sloan's quirky second novel, Sourdough.


The heartwarming movie Megan Leavey is based on the true life story of a marine corporal whose special bond with her military combat dog saved many lives during their deployment in Iraq.

Cynthia Nixon captures the quiet pathos and intellectual journey of poet Emily Dickinson in the biopic A Quiet Passion.

In Battle of the Sexes, Emma Stone and Steve Carell perfectly portray World number one Billie Jean King and exchamp Bobby Riggs in the true story of their famous 1973 tennis match.

This Beautiful Fantastic life happens when a quirky librarian meets a curmudgeon who instructs her in the art of gardening.


The Foo Fighters have put forth a balanced yet exciting album with Concrete and Gold, proving once again why they are one of modern rock's mainstays.

Country music legend Loretta Lynn celebrated her 85th birthday this year and released a new album, Wouldn't It Be Great. The album features a collection of new songs, signature tunes, and updated interpretations.

In After Laughter, Paramore exchanges its punk past for a high energy, upbeat and vibrant 1980's new wave sound.
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