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Inventive and dexterously constructed, 4 3 2 1 by Paul Auster gives one boy four different lives. A tour de force of possibility.

Brit Bennett's highly acclaimed and anticipated debut, The Mothers, does not disappoint. Bennett's award-winning lyrical prose creates a page-turner examining love, friendship, race, religion and hypocrisy.

Inspired by the author's familiarities with his own son, A Boy Made of Blocks is the stirring debut of a father growing closer to his autistic son by playing Minecraft. Author Keith Stuart is the games editor for The Guardian and has spent decades playing and writing about video games and their potential..

If you're intrigued by myths, puzzles, and scientific theories, you'll want to check out James Rollins' latest Sigma Force book The Seventh Plague. Join Director Crow as he races against time to avoid a global crisis of biblical proportions.


Café Society, written, directed, and periodically narrated by Woody Allen, is a stylish and star-filled bittersweet romance set both in Hollywood and New York during the 1930s.

Watch the unfolding story of Barack and Michelle Obama's first date in Southside with You, a sweet romantic comedy that fictionalizes only in small ways the First Couple's beginning.

Get an aisle seat for the 'Miracle on the Hudson' and the shocking after events in the gripping blockbuster Sully. Tom Hanks shines in his performance as the US Airways pilot Chesley Sullenberger in this edge-of -your seat drama directed by Clint Eastwood.

Sing will have you dancing in your seat and rooting for a lovable cast of animals as they embark on a musical adventure. Voiced by an A-list of stars, this movie is a rollicking good time and fun for kids age 1-100!


music Extraordinary and a little strange, Bon Iver's third full-length album 22, A Millionis a deeply felt treatise on how to move forward through disorienting times.

Nominated for a Grammy for Best Rock Album, Death Of A Bachelor is quite possibly Panic! At The Disco's best effort to date. With a sound that, according to front man Brendon Urie, spans from Beyoncé beats to Sinatra vocals, this is one CD that you won't be able to listen to often enough.

70 is the new 30! The World's Greatest Rock and Roll Band, The Rolling Stones, shows a love and mastery of the blues with Blue & Lonesome.

Delight in the multicultural fusion of the latest Mumford & Sons album Johannesburg. Recorded in South Africa over a two-day period, this collaboration is a unique blending of Mumford & Sons, Baaba Maal, Swedish-Malawian duo The Very Best, and Cape Town trio Beatenberg.