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Bawdy and hilarious, The Serpent of Venice by Christopher Moore is Shakespeare and Poe as only Moore can twist them. An uproarious historical farce.


After a life threatening experience, hope and recovery are found in An Unexpected Grace by Kristin Von Kreisler.


Sparks fly and hilarity ensues in One Plus One, Jojo Moyes' modern-day romance about a divorced mom raising her bullied stepson and math whiz daughter without support. When her vehicle breaks down on the way to a math competition, she must rely on a tech geek, whose life is falling apart, to rescue her.



Are you a fan of author Alex Kava? Now you can keep up with FBI profiler Maggie O'Dell by reading her internationally best-selling books, listening to them on CD or downloading them to your electronic device via My Media Mall. Don't miss a minute of the excitement!



Meet Wadjda, a spunky 10-year old girl living in Saudi Arabia with dreams of purchasing abicycle at all odds.


An aging journalist explores his life of excess with The Great Beauty of Rome as the backdrop.


If you liked the movie, you're going to love Shrek: The Musical - a fantastic performance filled with great music and big laughs that is fun for the whole family.


Finally, a sweet, sentimental journey with a twist, About Time looks at life, love, and the lessons we learn, through the eyes of a young man who learns he is a time traveler.



Inventive, innovative, and magical, the self-titled debut album from local artists To Destroy a City is filled with dreamlike soundscapes, pounding beats, and ethereal ambience. Recommended for fans of the instrumental and postrock genres.


In The Last Ship, Sting looks back at the demise of the shipping industry in England and the importance of family and community. It is now a Broadway play.


Helios by The Fray is the band's fourth CD. The first single "Love Don't Die" is sure to pull you in and the rest of the CD will keep you coming back for more.


A must for fans of Jack White’s previous work, Lazaretto lives in various musical genres, seamlessly shifting between them for an album that sings with both a sense of humor and a sense of perspective.