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Though it may be fall, you can remember those steamy glory days with Summer in the South by Cathy Holton. Ava Dabrowski is an aspiring writer at loose ends when her friend invites her to stay in his family's stately southern mansion. This is a gothic romance to savor and a perfect autumn read.

Daniel Silva returns with an espionage lovers' page-turner in The Rembrandt Affair Gabriel Allon is lured out of retirement to investigate the brutal murder of an art restorer friend and the disappearance of a long-lost portrait by Rembrandt.

Travel back to 15th century Romania in Vlad: the Last Confessionby C.C. Humphreys. This historical figure was the inspiration for innumerable Dracula tales, but the fictional story of this complex man is far more disturbing than anything imaginable!


Felix Bush, the hermit of Caleb County, realizing that his death is imminent decides to throw a "living funeral party," inviting neighbors to tell stories about him and revealing past secrets. Get Low is an intriguing, touching drama with stellar performances from Robert Duvall and Bill Murray.

Looking for something to keep you up at night? Check out Red Riding Hood. The movie deals in folklore and fantasy. See if you can guess who the werewolf is before the end of the movie.

John Smith is one of nine children that escapedthe destruction of his home planet by evil aliens. Now, he is hiding out on Earth, trying to behave as a normal American teenager. The Mogadorians are determined to destroy him and all the others and plan on taking over planet Earth in the thrilling film I Am Number Four.


Newcomers to Keiko Matsui's dynamic inventive musical compositions will not be disappointed as this highly anticipated jazz masterpiece takes listeners on a heartfelt, inspirational journey down The Road...

Carlos Santana has made a 'supernatural' return to the music scene in recent years and his latest album, Guitar Heaven: The Greatest Guitar Classics of All Time is no exception. Santana reinterprets some of the most memorable songs of the 60's and 70's with some of today's hottest musicians, making this a must hear for music fans of any generation.

Lastly, Joe Bonamassa, one of the hardest working blues guitarists of this century, goes back to his roots with his latest effort Dust Bowl. It includes a rocking duet with legend John Hiatt and plenty of smoky grooves for blues listeners. It's a great introduction into the work of Bonamassa.