Library Expansion Projects

Construction Start Date has been set for Thursday, March 30, 2017.
Major changes will begin that day including a change in the flow of traffic through the parking lot along with the West Parking Lot closure.
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The expansion plan for the library involves two separate projects:
Project 1 is scheduled for 2017. We hope to undertake Project 2 in several years.

Project 1 Description: The project for 2017 involves a 1,625 square foot addition to the existing library. The expansion will utilize an area of the west wing that is currently occupied by a rock and tree garden within the building’s existing foundation. Therefore, there will be no enlargement of the building's footprint. No parking spaces will be lost. No sidewalks or roads will be affected in any way.

The section to be added will make use of the same brick column design found throughout the building and will blend seamlessly with the existing facade. The expansion will include two small-group meeting rooms and a large flexible use room, tentatively named the Garden Lounge. Each smallgroup meeting room will seat five and include a large, wall-mounted flat-screen for presentations utilizing patrons' laptop computers, and white board walls to allow maximum creativity for participants at the meeting. Even at maximum capacity (10), our existing parking is more than adequate for this use. The Garden Lounge will include comfortable seating, recharging stations for mobile devices, a vending area, and a fireplace. A clerestory above will bring in natural light. This space will also be available for the library to stage special events such as book discussions and occasional Friends of the Library Meetings. Although small in square footage, this addition will bring us meeting, vending, and technology capabilities that our patrons have consistently requested but that we could not deliver.

We hope to begin construction in May and complete construction in August. The bid notice will be published in the Daily Herald on Monday, January 16. The winning bidder will be chosen at the Tuesday, March 7 Library Board Meeting. The lead architect on this project is Carrie Matlock of DLA Architects, Ltd., Itasca, Illinois.

Project 2 Description: It will take us several years to build the funds needed to begin the second project. It involves a 1,075 square foot expansion of the receiving room area on the North side of the building. This addition will house the book stock for the Friends of the Library semi-annual book sales and provide some space to sort and prepare the books for storage. This will essentially be a large garage area attached to the library's existing receiving room.

Building Size: The building is currently 43,000 square feet. The Project 1 expansion in the West Wing will add 1,625 square feet. The building will then total 44,625 square feet. Project 2 expansion in the Receiving Room will add another 1,075 square feet. This area will be for staff only. When this project is completed, the total size of the building will be 45,700 square feet.

Enlarged Floor Plan
Exterior Perspective 1
Exterior Perspective 2
Interior Perspective 1
Interior Perspective 2
Interior Perspective 3
Interior Perspective 4
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